Hermès Herbag Cabine

Hermès Herbag Cabine

Price & Resale Value

*Resale price is calculated from the average resale price for a black bag excellent to new condition.

Retail (USD)Resale (USD)
Herbag Zip 31$2,250$5,750
Herbag Zip 39 $2,450$3,779
Herbag Zip Cabine$2,500$1,904


L x D x H (cm)L x D x H (inches)
Herbag Zip 3131 x 10 x 25 cm12.2" x 3.9" x 9.8"
Herbag Zip 39 39 x 15 x 31 cm14.6" x 5.5" x 13"
Herbag Zip Cabine52 x 20 x 36 cm15.7" x 5.1" x 15"

What Can You Fit Inside?

Our members have tested, and it fits:

  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Smartphone
  • Water Bottle
  • Cosmetics
  • Laptop


  • Shoulder Strap
  • Top Handles
  • Buckle Closure
  • Clochette Lock And Key

Leather, Skins, & Material

With a multi-material design, the Hermès Herbag is composed of two parts. The handles and front flap are made from Vache Hunter leather which beautifully compliments the Toile Canvas body of the Herbag. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the Hermès Herbag discontinued?

The original Hermès Herbag design has been discontinued, but was re-designed and re-released in 2009. Now called the Hermès Herbag Zip, the new design features the same trapezoidal silhouette you love, now complete with an exterior zip pocket for your convenience. 

Why is a Hermès bag so expensive?

In terms of craftsmanship, each individual Hermès bag is crafted by a solo artisan, and it can take up to 48 hours to bring one Hermès bag to life. The dedicated time and special skillset required from the artisan, in addition to the bag’s discontinuation and therefore limited supply naturally drive up the price. 

Does Hermès use real leather? 

Hermès uses an extensive range of rare and genuine leather when crafting their products. In addition to calf skins such as togo and clemence leather, Hermès utilizes crocodile, lizard, ostrich and lambskin leathers for their top tier models such as the Birkin and the Kelly.