Chanel Deauville

The Deauville was inspired by the tiny beach town and it even has “31 Rue Cambon”, the street address of the boutique on the initial design of the bag as well to pay tribute. 

About Chanel

Founded by Gabrielle Chanel at the beginning of the last century, CHANEL offers a broad range of high-end creations, including Ready-to-Wear, Leather Goods, Fashion Accessories, Eyewear, Fragrances, Makeup, Skincare, Jewelry and Watches. CHANEL is also renowned for its Haute Couture collections, presented twice yearly in Paris, and for having acquired a large number of specialized suppliers, collectively known as the Métiers d’Art. Chanel is dedicated to ultimate luxury and to the highest level of craftsmanship.

Leather, Skins, & Material

Like other Chanel bags, the Deauville is available in both Calfskin and Caviar Leather. However, materials such as Canvas, Denim and mixed fibres including Viscose, Lurex and Cotton are more typically more popular, and give off that beachy vibe. Other materials include Raffia - a natural fibre derived from palm leaves. 

History of the Deauville

Named after the town Coco Chanel began running her first fashion boutique in 1913, the Chanel Deauville bag was an instant sensation after revealing itself during Chanel’s S/S12 Collection. Canvas a signature material for this style of bag. The soft material gives the bag a semi-slouch kind of structure, expressing the true ‘beachiness’ of the bag

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