Hermès Bolide

The zip fastener of the Bolide gives this bag its iconic round-angled shape, and allows for quick access to your everyday necessities. Similar to the Kelly, the Bolide is available in two different styles: Mou and Rigide. The Bolide Mou has a slouchier silhouette as compared to the Bolide Rigide that is sturdier. 

About Hermès

Since 1837, Hermès has remained faithful to its artisanal model and its humanist values. The freedom to create, the constant quest for beautiful materials, and the transmission of exceptional know-how – which enable the creation of useful, and elegant objects which stand the test of time – forge the uniqueness of Hermès. Family-run, independent and socially responsible, the company is committed to maintaining the majority of its production in France, through its 43 production sites, while developing its international distribution network of 311 stores in 45 countries.

Leather, Skins, & Material

The Hermès Bolide Rigide is offered in taurillon Clemence and Epsom leather. Taurillon Clemence material has a semi-matte finish with a generous and irregular grain to it. Clemence leather feels soft and creamy, and overtime will become more supple. Other materials include Sikkim leather - most commonly used for the Bolide Mou. 

History of the Bolide

Designed in 1923 for top drivers and globetrotters, the Hermès Bolide was designed to be a sleek travel bag - easily slipping into the trunk of any car. The legendary zip fastener was initially brought back from America by Émile Hermès in 1910, and is today considered one of the most defining design elements of the Bolide.

How to Buy

The Hermès Bolide is available to purchase online on the Hermès website, or in-store at your local Hermes boutique. Alternatively, if you WANT an Hermès Bolide, you can connect and message with Ban Island members from all over the world that HAVE it via instant notifications, or through our latest member requests feed on our homepage.