Hermès Birkin 25

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89 Noir

18 Etoupe

8F Etain

37 Gold

10 Craie


81 Gris Tourterelle

3S Macassar


C6 Vert Gris

Gris Meyer

42 Gris Mouette

82 Gris Agate

88 Graphite

Gris Neve

Gris Pale

8L Beton

01 Blanc

I2 Nata

80 Gris Perle

M8 Gris Asphalte

S2 Trench


24 Tabac Camel

35 Cognac

Beige Rose

D0 Beige de Weimar

30 Noisette

19 Mousse

4A Cafe

1S Foin


2S Sésame

28 Caramel

Fauve Barenia


3G Alezan

U8 Bronze Dore

4G Brulé

4L Cigare

6T Toundra

4H Cacao

4C Écorce

47 Chocolat

44 Moka

G8 Vert Maquis

Vert Bronze

45 Marron Fonce

46 Ebene

57 Bordeaux

Q5 Rouge Casaque

4E Sienne

B5 Rubis

54 Rouge Garance

Rouge Venetien

K1 Rouge Grenat

S3 Rouge de Coeur

55 Rouge Hermès

T5 Rouge Jaipur

5X Rouge Piment

53 Rouge Vif

Rose Texas

S5 Rouge Tomate

5E Vermillion


A5 Bougainvillea

2R Rouge Pivoine

D5 Geranium

9T Capucine

36 Brique

6C Cuivre

R1 Terre Battue

5V Rosy


93 Classic Orange


8V Orange Poppy

Orange Minium

3L Rose Tea

21 Natural Sable

9V Jaune D'or


2C Curry

9D Jaune Ambre

9H Soleil

92 Jaune


9R Lime

6R Kiwi

Vert Fizz

Vert Pale

Vert Absinthe

31 Vert Criquet


Apple Green


Vert Cru

66 Vert Anis

Vert Chartreuse

63 Vert Amande


6H Vert Verone

Vert Comics

U4 Vert Vertigo

1K Bamboo

Vert Jade

67 Vert Fonce

Vert Pelouse

61 Vert Olive

26 Malachite

60 Vert Cypress

Vert Rousseau

W0 Vert Bospohore

7B Turquoise Bleu

79 Aqua

7G Ciel

8U Bleu Glacier

J7 Bleu Lin

T0 Bleu Brume

7N Céleste

P3 Bleu de Nord

75 Bleu Jean

7R Bleu Azur

7F Bleu Paon

7V Lagon

3Z Bleu Saint Cyr

7E Brighton Bleu

Bleu Izmir

7C Cobalt Bleu

Y7 Bleu Orage


7Q Mykonos

Bleu Frida

T7 Bleu Hydra

B3 Bleu Zanzibar

Bleu France

I7 Bleu Zellige

Bleu Royal

7T Bleu Electrique

S7 Bleu de Galice

7A Bleu Thalassa

73 Bleu Saphir

77 Bleu Iris

7L Bleu de Malte

7P Bleu de Prusse

S4 Deep Bleu

M3 Bleu Encre

7U Navy

2Z Bleu Nuit

76 Bleu Indigo

Z7 Bleu Océan

59 Raisin

N5 Cassis

58 Prune

P9 Anémoné

5H Cyclamen

83 Lilac

Mauve Pale

9K Iris

K5 Tosca

L3 Rose Poupre

5R Rose Shocking

9I Magnolia

E5 Rose Tyrien

Rose Pop

16 Rose Extreme

Rose Azalee

U5 Rose Lipstick

K4 Rose d'Ete


8T Rose Candy

1Q Rose Confetti

3Q Rose Sakura

4W Glycine

37 Gold


Rose Gold

89 Noir / 37 Gold

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Price & Resale Value

*Resale price is calculated from the average resale price for a black bag excellent to new condition.

Retail (USD)Resale (USD)
Birkin 25$9,850$17,952
Birkin 30$10,900$16,671
Birkin 35$12,100$12,005
Birkin 40 $13,200$10,071


L x D x H (cm)L x D x H (inches)
Birkin 2525 x 13 x 20 cm9.8" x 5.1" x 7.9"
Birkin 3030 x 16 x 22 cm12" x 6.3" x 9"
Birkin 3535 x 18 x 25 cm13.8" x 7.1" x 9.8"
Birkin 40 40 x 21 x 30 cm15.7" x 8" x 12"

What Can You Fit Inside?

Our members have tested, and it fits:

  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Smartphone
  • Cosmetics


  • Top Handles
  • Buckle Closure
  • Inner Pockets
  • Clochette Lock And Key
  • Metal Feet

Leather, Skins, & Material

Offered in a wide range of different leathers and skins, the most popular types of leather used to craft the Hermès Birkin include Clemence, Epsom and Togo. Other leathers include Barenia Natural, Box Calf, Fjord, Swift, Buffalo Skipper, Chamonix, Chevre de Coromandel, Doblis Suede and Chevre Mysore. Exotic skins include Varanus Niloticus (Lizard), Ostrich, Alligator, Crocodile Niloticus (matte and shiny), Crocodile Porosus and Natural Lizard.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is a Birkin bag so expensive?

This gorgeous functional design now ranks as the most popular bag in the world and among the Hermès collection, taking up to one full week from a single artisan to create by hand. Each Hermes artisan has to train for over 4 years to be qualified to make this coveted bag, and they are the only person to handmade this bag from start to finish so the full piece comes to life. Only the most luxurious materials from Europe are used to complete each Birkin handbag including rare skins such as crocodile and lizard, pairing with premium hardware such as rose gold, gold and palladium along with precision hand stitches. 

How much does a Hermes Birkin bag cost now?

Hermes has been featured as a brand that “Holds it value the best (and longest)” in an article by Fortune Magazine. The waiting list implemented by Hermes for a Birkin, Kelly or Constance bag, sometimes as long as six years, has also contributed to driving the resale value of Birkin bags upwards with bags regularly selling on the secondary market for more than their original price.
Resale value is often factored by the rarity of the skins, condition and color combination. For example, a brand-new condition, togo leather Etain (gray) with gold hardware is fetching for around $16,000 USD as the time of writing. Based on supply and demand, prices for coveted color combinations can be skyrocketed because a certain celebrity has been spotted carrying it, but only a handful of available pieces for purchase.

How much is the cheapest Birkin?

While the cost of a new Birkin bag often ranges from $12,000 USD to more than $200,000 USD, there is occasionally Birkin bags available for resale at low, “Buy it Now” prices that start at around $5,000 USD on eBay.

What is the rarest Birkin?

The Hermès Himalaya Birkin bag is crafter from Nile crocodile hide and is often considered one of the rarest handbags in the world alongside the Himalaya Kelly bag. In 2016, this bag sold for an auction world record price of $306,168 USD. 

How much is a crocodile Birkin bag? 

Due to the rarity of the crocodile material, depending on the colour combination and size, crocodile Birkin Bags range from around $50,000 USD to $300,000 USD. Crocodile skin material is considered Hermès’ most expensive as their supply is very limited, in addition to being hard to produce.