Chanel 21B Collection Drop & Analysis (Bags #1-10)

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January 26, 2023

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With an official release date of July 15, now pushed back to July 20th in most countries, the Chanel Fall Winter Act 1 (21B) Collection has yet to reach the same level of hype as the Chanel 21S and 21P Collections.

Most likely contributed by the effect of the recent price increase, the early rumbling is that Chanel lovers find this range of deep and dark colors a hit or miss.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Chanel unicorns, you’ll know that colors like 
  • 20C Rose Claire
  • 21P Caramel
  • 21S Rose Claire Lilac 
  • 21A Dove Grey 
have all caused quite a commotion even before the collection launch. 

Here are the new colors released in the 21B collection:
  1. 21B Navy Blue - a deep blue. Navy is a modern neutral that plays well with other neutrals. 
  2. 21B Light Purple - a light lavender that almost looks pink. If you missed out on last year’s purple or this Spring’s lilac, this color may be up your alley. 
  3. 21B Light Grey - this grey has a warmer undertone and is a tinge darker, than 21A dove grey. 
  4. 21B Burgundy - a rich Fall color that has a browner undertone than 21A Burgundy. Relatively popular online, everyone that wants a bag in this color wants it with Champagne Gold (Light Gold) Hardware. 
  5. 21B Dark Grey - a charcoal grey that comes in grained calfskin AKA caviar leather and lambskin. Neutral lovers seem to like this color the most in the collection.
  6. 21B Green - an army green, and less like the previous green shades that were more on the bright, pastel side. 

21B Navy, 21B White, 21B Light Grey, 21B Green.

Chanel 21B Collection: Bags #1-5

Note: All prices are in USD (Sometimes converted from CAD, AUD sources). 

1. Chanel Classic Flap

Mini Square Retail Price: $4,200 
Mini Rectangle Retail Price: $4,400 
Small Retail Price: $7,100
Medium (M/L) Retail Price: $7,800
Jumbo Retail Price: $8,500

Hardware is the design element in play for this season of Classic Flaps. Black lambskin will be paired up with the ultra-classic rose gold hardware (Top right).

Tweed lovers, this season’s version of the Classic Flap is adorned with flower-shaped sequins (Bottom 2). 

Chanel Classic Flap with Pink Gold Hardware.

Based on our research, that’s our pick this season as collection value has always grown significantly for Black + Rose Gold combo. 

Chanel’s rose gold hardware shows great hype online, and is apparently less copper toned than the Hermes’ rose gold hardware. Shoppers seem to say it just looks gold. 

A fan of Black Hardware? It’s back on both patent calfskin and lambskin Classic Flaps. Chanel Fans have pointed out that it is not as true of a black as So Black hardware, but more closer to ruthenium. 

Colors available in Lambskin: 
  • Black 
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Dark Pink
  • Light Purple 

Colors available in Metallized Calfskin:
  • Ruthenium (dark silver) 

Colors available in Shiny Grained Calfskin: 
  • White
  • Navy Blue 
  • Burgundy (pictured)
  • Dark Grey

Colors available in Tweed: 
  • Pink/Black/White (pictured)
  • Grey/Navy Blue/ Silver (pictured)
  • Light Pink

2. Chanel Trendy CC Top Handle Bag

Small Retail Price: $5,585 (Converted from CAD)
Medium Retail Price: $6,005 (Converted from CAD)

She’s back this season, and people seem to be excited for this one!

The Chanel Trendy Small made our list of the Top 10 Best Collection Value Chanel Bags with a gross profit margin of 9.9%.

I’m curious to see if the dark grey and khaki (pictured) will perform as well as the beige did earlier this year. 

Colors available in Lambskin: 
  • Black 
  • Green (pictured)
  • Light Purple
  • Burgundy
  • Dark Grey (pictured)

3. Chanel 19 Bag

Small Retail Price: $5,700
Large Retail Price: $6,300
Maxi Retail Price: $6,900

Get ready for fall with 2021’s fave fur: shearling! This season’s version of the Chanel 19 comes in 2 shearling options: 1 embroidered and 1 in shiny lambskin.

I haven’t heard any commotion over the shearling Chanel 19 bag. Right off the bat, this one seems like a miss. 

Most talked about: Shiny Lambskin and Faded Wool in Neutral Grey tones . Move over browns and beiges, greys are what’s hot right now. 

Colors available in Shiny Lambskin: 
  • Black (pictured)
  • Beige
  • Grey
  • Navy Blue
  • Green 
  • Light Purple
  • Dark Grey

Colors available in Crumbled Lambskin/Shearling: 
  • White (pictured)

Colors available in Faded Wool: 
  • Black/Grey

Colors available in Patchwork Tweed/Mix: 
  • Pink/Navy Blue

4. Chanel Boy Bag

Small Retail Price: $5,400
Old Medium Retail Price: $5,900
New Medium Retail Price: $6,200

For extra edge, this season’s Boy Bag features a running chain around the flap.

This bag without the chain detailing is already a touch on the heavier side. I’m hoping the extra chain doesn’t add too much weight because nobody wants to carry around a clunky bag. 

Colors available in Grained Calfskin: 
  • Black (pictured)
  • Grey
  • Green 
  • Light Purple (pictured)

Looking to switch it up? Chevron Quilting is coming back this season - without the running chain might I add. 

Colors available in Shiny Calfskin: 
  • Black
  • Green
  • Light Purple 
  • Dark Grey (pictured)

Colors available in Herringbone Calfskin: 
  • Black

5. Chanel Business Affinity Bag

Small Retail Price: $4,200
Medium Retail Price: $4,400

The Chanel Business Affinity is a fan favourite because it’s one of the most practical bags Chanel has to offer with an easily accessible exterior pocket. 

The collection value for the Small Business Affinity has been more than retail price for the past few seasons. I’m curious to see if this trend continues. 

Colors available in Shiny Grain Calfskin: 
  • Black
  • Grey (pictured)
  • Navy Blue
  • Green 
  • White

6. Chanel Deauville Tote

Small Retail Price: $3,000

Large Retail Price: $3,500

Large Rainbow Retail Price (left): $7,265 (Converted from CAD)

The Chanel Deauville is back, this time made with cozy fall fabrics like wool and shearling.

In the straw material, this tote bag loses 22% off the lot. Perhaps the wool variation will be the Deauville’s comeback, but I doubt it. Tote bags just aren’t as versatile. 

Colors available in Fabric: 
  • Black
  • Ecru
  • Beige (pictured)
  • Green 
  • Pink

Colors available in Lambskin/Shearling: 
  • Black/Multicolor (pictured)

Colors available in Toile: 
  • Black

7. Chanel Pearl Crush Flap Bag

Mini Square Retail Price: $4,275 (Converted from CAD)

Mini Rectangle Retail Price: $4,515(Converted from CAD)

Chanel lovers online seem to be obsessed with this flap bag - there seems to be a race to reserve this cutie. Which color is in the lead? Grey, of course. 

Already reintroduced as part of several collections, I think the Chanel Pearl Crush is here to stay. With an adjustable strap, no other Chanel bag offers this same level of versatility. Wear as both a belt bag or a shoulder bag - the options seem to be endless.

Colors available in Lambskin:
  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Dark Pink
  • Light Purple

8. Chanel Coco Crush Flap Bag (NEW!)

Retail Price: $4,475 (Converted from CAD) 

Check out the Rolo Chain - no woven leather strap here! This feature was inspired by Coco Crush - a Chanel fine jewelry collection.

This Flap Bag is finished off with a medallion. Like last collection’s Medallion Flap Bag, stay away from this one if you find dangling charms clunky and annoying to wear.

Colors available in Shiny Lambskin: 
  • Black
  • Navy Blue
  • Burgundy

9. Chanel Chain Bracelet Flap Bag (NEW!)

Small Retail Price: $4,595 (Converted from CAD)

Medium Retail Price: $4,820 (Converted from CAD)

This seasonal creation combines both bag and jewelry with an ornamental “Chanel” embossed chain bracelet on the strap. 

Different from other Flap Bags, this one features flat quilting for a more modern touch. 

I can’t say I’ve heard much noise about this one. Without that initial hype, I think you can pass on this one from a collection perspective. Seasonal bags don’t tend to do as well anyways. 

Colors available in Shiny Grained Calfskin: 
  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Dark Grey

10. Chanel Vanity Case with Chain

Retail price: $4,355 (Converted from CAD)

This season’s Vanity with Chain comes in a refined round silhouette with a mirror lined in leather. 

You might be able to squeeze an iPhone in here, but once in, that’s pretty much all you can fit. I do think the round shape is a tad bit impractical = lower collection value. It may be harder to fit your everyday necessities than it would a regular rectangle. 

Colors available in Lambskin: 
  • White 
  • Black (pictured)

Colors available in Metallic Lambskin: 
  • Silver 

There you have it, the Chanel 21B Collection. What are your favourites at first glance?  

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