Chanel 21A Collection Drop & Analysis (Bags #1-10)

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January 26, 2023

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Without further ado, here are the first 5 bags in the collection...

Friday June 11th was the long awaited launch of Chanel Metier d’Arts 2021 (21A) Collection. With each collection that is released, Chanel has caught us all… hook, line and sinker. 

Following the excitement, and hunt for the caramel 21P frenzy, these are the highly anticipated colors of this season:
  1. 21A Dove Grey - a cool-tone grey that is lighter than that of the 20C. For my fellow H lovers, this color reminds me of Hermes Bleu Glacier. 
  2. 21A Burgundy - a rich color for Fall that looks just like fine wine.
  3. 21A Dark Brown - a warm chocolatey brown.

Not so hot: 21A Light brown -  21P Brown was so hot but this second introduction of Caramel is much more orange, Chanel lovers are referring to this color as “Pumpkin spice.”

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Next week, we will showcase the next 5 bags, and give you the juicy details -- stay tuned.

VIP Exclusive: Chanel 21A Collection Drop & Analysis (Bags #1-5)

Retail prices are in USD (Sometimes converted by other CAD, AUD sources)

1. Chanel Classic Handle 

Retail Price: $4,300

A new fan favourite since 21P, the Classic Handle returns for another season, this time in lambskin only.

We don’t see the hype of this bag dying down soon, all our members are wanting this in various colors, especially with these new fall colors. So far the beige and the grey get top shout outs from our members.

Colors available in Lambskin: 
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Grey (as pictured) 

2. Chanel Coco Handle

Pearl and Strass Extra Mini Retail Price: $4,050 (Converted from CAD)

 Pearl and Strass Mini Retail Price: $5,100

This bedazzled handle looks amazing, but I tried to hold it and it ain’t so comfy. Maybe best for the shelves. 

Colours available in Calfskin: 
  • Black (as pictured)
  • Dark Grey 

The original Coco Handle will also be re-released in a number of rich, warm tones that are perfect for fall.

Large Retail Price: $4,500

Maxi Retail Price: $4,900

Colors available in Grained Calfskin aka caviar leather:
  • White
  • Black
  • Light Brown 
  • Dark pink 
  • Green
  • Dark Brown
  • Light Pink (Pink Clair is back!!!)
  • Dark Beige (as pictured)

3. Medallion Flap Bag (NEW!)

Small Retail Price: $5,000

It’s all in the details! This season's new style features a medallion showcasing a crown with the CC logo. Available in caviar leather, this flap bag features a unique interlaced shoulder pad that is attached to a double chain strap. I’ve tried this interlaced shoulder pad on and it’s heavy AF. The medallion is clinking and dangling and overall not super flattering. My advice is to stay away from this one, usually seasonal items don’t do well anyways...

Colors available in Caviar Leather: 
  • White
  • Black
  • Burgundy 
  • Navy Blue 

Colors available in Pleated Calfskin
  • White 
  • Black

4. Chanel 19

Small Retail Price: $5,100 (Leather) $4,900 (Tweed)

Large Retail Price: $5,600

Maxi Retail Price: $6,200

The classic design we all love, now available in a variety of new materials including, cashmere felt, velvet, and striped shearling lambskin. Did I also mention that there are new colorways for both the lambskin and tweed lovers?

I’ve seen many members already commenting that this 21A light brown aka Pumpkin Spice, is just too orange. With such a LARGE surface area for Chanel 19, you are getting A LOT of it. So our advice is… skip this one and go back to 21P brown.

However, this Cashmere felt 21A is oh so cute for the fall. Last few gray tone tweed Chanel 19 bags were all very sought after, so our prediction is that this one would be a hit too comes fall. Grab it before it’s gone.

Colors available in Shiny Lambskin: 
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Light Brown
  • Dark Brown

Colors available in Cashmere Felt:
  • Grey (pictured)
  • Black/Ecru

Colors available in Tweed:
  • Grey/Ecru

Colors available in Metallic Lambskin:
  • Gold
  • Silver

Colors available in Velvet:
  • Black

Colors available in Striped Shearling Lambskin:
  • Black/Navy Blue

5. 2.55 Reissue

Reissue 224 (Mini) Retail Price: $4,000

Reissue 226 (Large) Retail Price: $8,000

Released in both Rose gold and Silver caviar leather, could this be the 2.55’s comeback? Maybe, but I doubt it.

In our Top 10 Chanel 21P Bags with the Worst Collection Value, we saw that the 2.55 just don’t follow the same value trajectory as other classics, so basically it doesn’t increase in value, so stay away if you are looking for collection advice.

Often considered the Plain Jane, I would not be surprised though to see the Rose Gold on Rose Gold Mini Reissue have a higher collection value and stronger presence. After all, Rose Gold anything (especially hardware) is often very coveted AFTER the season. But then again, we saw the rainbow Reissue collection value flopped dramatically once the hype was over.

So I stand corrected, if you must, buy within the season, but definitely don’t hold long. Sell before the season is over.

The larger Chanel 2.55 226 features a black on black design (GASP So Black lovers rejoice), and may appeal to those who love making a bold, yet subdued, statement. 

The black on black 226 will probably break even holding long, but again, reissue just never really go up in value over time. Buy it if you love it and will keep it for yourself. 

Colors available in Caviar Leather: 
  • Rose Gold
  • Silver

Colors available in Patent Leather: 
  • Black 

Colors available in Aged Calfskin: 
  • Black 

6. Chanel Classic Flap 

Mini Square Retail Price: $3,800 (Lambskin Only)

Mini Rectangle Retail Price: $4,000 (Lambskin Only)

Small Retail Price: $6,200

Medium (M/L) Retail Price: $6,800

Jumbo Retail Price: $7,400

Because no Chanel collection would be complete without the release of the coveted Classic Flap Bag, in this season’s colours. (We are just all playing color bingos)

What colors are our members the most excited for? So far the votes are in for Light Grey, White and Dark Brown. 

AVOID: Since Chanel has released way too many pinks and beiges in the past few seasons, the appetite for those colors seem to have dried up -- leaving pinks, beiges and their touch too-orange friend, light browns, behind. 

Colors available in Lambskin: 
  • White
  • Pink
  • Beige
  • Dark Brown

Colors available in Shiny Caviar Leather: 
  • Grey
  • Dark Beige
  • Light Brown 

7. Chanel Running Chain Flap Bag

New Small Retail Price: $6,375 (Converted from CAD)

Medium Retail Price: $7,175 (Converted from CAD) 

Available in both Black wool and lambskin, perhaps the most exciting design element of this bag’s release (in addition to the chain detailing, but hey at least you know the edging won’t ever fray!) is the new small size it comes in with dimensions of 13.5 x 18.0 x 8 centimeters or 5.0 x 7.0 x 3.0 inches.

8. Diamond Lock Flap Bag

The iconic CC lock gets an oh-so-shiny upgrade. Featuring a four piece resin lock and a new box silhouette, if one were to head to Vegas for a birthday trip, you should “roll the dice” and get one of these.

All seriousness though, there has been ZERO hype about this bag pre-release. I’m doing research and there’s been nothing at all. So without any excitement, this bag is likely not going to be a hit. You have better odds of making money placing your bet on roulette.

Colors available in Lambskin: 
  • Black 
  • Green
  • Navy Blue

Colors available in Velvet
  • Black 

9. Chanel Drawstring Bag

Retail Price: $5,100

Every season, there has been a slight rendition of the “drawstring” bag. Each season with its own pearl-embezzled details. This season, it’s the handle - now structured, rigid and round meant to resemble a timeless pearl bracelet. 

There was some initial hype about these “pearl bracelet” bags on chinese-based platforms pre-release but I have since heard nothing from my North American friends and members. The pearl-embezzled details are getting a bit “played out” as well several seasons now so I am also staying away from this trend for now.

Colors available in Lambskin: 
  • White
  • Black

Colors available in Crumpled Metalized Calfskin: 
  • Anthracite 

10. Chanel Flap Bag with Adjustable Chain

Mini Retail Price: $4,400

Small Retail Price: $4,800

Ever feel like you can never get the perfect fit with the regular chain strap? Why larger sizes of the Classic Flap are often a miss, is because the chain strap fits way too long when worn as a crossbody bag. This bag is both versatile and stylish - complete with two pearl stoppers on each end of the chain. 

Colors available in Shiny Calfskin: 
  • White
  • Black
  • Beige 
  • Green

11. Chanel Box Vanity Case with Chain

Retail Price: $4,800
Designed to be worn crossbody, this rigid and angular silhouette is a modern urban take on a classic evening clutch design. While this baby is definitely unique, it’s lack of the ability to fit a phone (or its small size and inflexible silhouette in general) may render this bag impractical, at least for everyday use = lower collection value.  

12. Chanel Flap Bag with Chunky Pearl Strap

Retail Price: $4,900

A common design element in this collection: embezzled handles. This Flap Bag is edgy with the chunky ornamental strap, yet feminine with the pearls inserted into the links. 

Colors available in Calfskin: 
  • Black 
  • Beige
  • Navy Blue

13. Chanel Boy Bag

Small Retail Price: $4,900

New Medium Retail Price: $5,600

This baby is available in 5 different colors for the season, including Dark Brown. Perhaps the release of new warm-toned neutrals will change the Boy Bag’s current collection value trajectory (it loses value over time when comparing increased retail prices to current preloved market value) 

Colors available in Caviar: 
  • White
  • Light Brown
  • Grey
  • Burgundy
  • Dark Brown

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